Proud of my Salmon Patties

I had no intentions of blogging tonight, let along about food, but I am too proud of myself to keep it to myself! After speaking with a co-worker about salmon patties today, and googling various styles to find healthy recipes to make this week, I took the plunge.  I made salmon patties from a recipe I got from an online chef named Philly Boy Jay.  His YouTube video can be found here. I modified the recipe using homemade breadcrumbs from 100% whole wheat bread.  I  toasted a slice of bread and tore the crumbs into small pieces.  I used a green onion, vegan butter, and olive oil.  I am avoiding processed flour in my diet.  I watch cooking shows religiously, and I follow Chef Resha all of the time.  I used to cook a lot years ago, but I never really served my food to other people.  I just assumed I was the only person who liked it due to comments I received as a child.  I went years never hosting a dinner party at my home, but I’d be all hands on deck for my family members. 20180416_214338 I guess I supported others, but never stepped up myself for a long time.  I dream of having a beautiful kitchen with lots of gadgets and top notch pots and pans.  I buried all the urges I had to prevent certain desires from coming to the surface because I felt I had nobody to share them with.  That is what I told myself for years.  I am breaking out by offering my cooking samples to others, and I have gotten positive feedback.  Tonight, I was extra bold and made salmon patties!  I burnt the second batch, but the first one was amazing.  I also took a long time.  I made my own tarter sauce, and enjoyed myself!!!  I continue to express myself through my creative energy, and I love the direction this is taking me.

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