Making My Own Decisions

I’ve made so many life altering decisions in three short months, but my head isn’t spinning.  I feel calm, centered, and determined.  I had a habit of running all of my ideas past people I respected, and then I’d get easily deterred if they didn’t agree with my viewpoint.  I struggled with not feeling understood.  I’ve been going to God and listening to the voice within me to make decisions.  I may discuss my decisions for input, but I am becoming comfortable with making my own calls.  For a along time, I made decisions and did things that I felt others would be impressed with.  When they disapproved or became over-critical, my confidence deflated.  I am through with looking to other people to feel good about myself.  I longed for others’ support and approval.  I’ve come to the point where I don’t need anyone to cosign me but God.  I actually have started keeping little experiences and lessons to myself.  I have started to be my own secret keeper.  I don’t need to tell all of my business.  I have a right to my own privacy and life.   I still respect my friends and mentors, but I am okay with going my own way too.  I also believe I have people in my life that support me either way.  I don’t mind criticism from a place of love and respect.  Today, the sun was shining, and the weekend began.  I no longer dread the weekends because I am learning to trust myself.


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